Wb Shower Glitter Detangler - Black

Hair Brushes SKU: D235144-N/A-N/A
Wb Shower Glitter Detangler - Black

Wb Shower Glitter Detangler - Black

Hair Brushes SKU: D235144-N/A-N/A
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Shower Detangler is suitable for use during shampooing, with a specialized design that makes it easy for users to comb and detangle hair, as well as distribute shampoo or conditioner evenly to each curl. 

*** The comb teeth are made of intelliFlex(R), an exclusive invention of , very flexible, flexible and strong, can miraculously overcome the tangle of fashion without having to use a lot of force. to hesitate, without leaving any damage on the surface of the hair shaft.

*** The comb handle is designed according to OmniFlex(R) technology, with high flexibility along with a slit to help the comb when combing will hug the head more in all directions, and help drain water and clean faster.

*** The tail of the comb is designed in the shape of a hook to help you conveniently hang it in many places in the bathroom.

*** The comb teeth are covered with a round plastic layer called Polysoft(R), which has the effect of massaging the scalp and stimulating hair growth.


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