Long Life Lubricant Spray 500Ml

SKU: 7039601-N/A-500Ml.
Long Life Lubricant Spray 500Ml
Long Life Lubricant Spray 500Ml

Long Life Lubricant Spray 500Ml

SKU: 7039601-N/A-500Ml.
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Ultron Long Life Oil Hair Clipper Lubricant Salon Edition is a lubricating oil for skidders and haircuts. Longlife oil improves the performance of the electronic device as well as prolongs its service life. For your device to work best, it's important to make sure it's always cleaned. Additionally, it's incredibly important to oil the leaves - not only helps them move unobstructed, but oiled leaves remain sharp too much longer. The lubricant helps the blades to cut evenly and prevent friction that can lead to overheating. By using this lubricating oil there are therefore good conditions for a good and close clipping. It is recommended that you use this lubricating oil daily.


- Lubricating oil for skidders and haircuts
- Improves performance as well as service life
- Ensures the leaves move unobstructed
- Gives a smooth cut
- Minimizes the risk of friction


- The electronic device must always be disconnected from power
- Shake thoroughly before use
- Spray on clean leaves
- Daily use is recommended

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