Link-D Bond Builder Shampoo No0 1000Ml

Hair Color SKU: PLINKD0-N/a-1000ML
Link-D Bond Builder Shampoo No0 1000Ml

Link-D Bond Builder Shampoo No0 1000Ml

Hair Color SKU: PLINKD0-N/a-1000ML
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Link-D line

Link-D line is a product line that:

• reconstructs the hair fibre   [Rebuild];
• protects the hair   [Protect];
• restores strenght to the hair from technical damage after any chemical treatment.   [Restore Hair].

BOND LINKER N° 1, is an innovative professional hair treatment, which added to the chemical service mix, creates new disulphide bridges, while protecting the hair fibres at the same time. This is a precious ally for protecting the hair’s structure from stress brought about by any chemical hair treatment.

Transparent yellow water-alcohol solution, pH 4-5. Fragrance with a spice note.

  1. Arginine:   this basic amino acid is one of the constituents of NMF (Natural (skin) Moisturizing Factor). Its properties moisturize and condition hair and scalp.
  2. Complex based on   Keratin, Bamboo Leaf Extract and Laccase: Laccase, an oxidase enzyme, creates a network among the carboxylic acid groups in keratin and the basic amine groups found along the hair cuticle. Additional; bonds are created by the bamboo bio-silicate. This compound creates a framework bound to each hair shaft, which slows down the haircolor from fading and absorbs damaging UV rays. In addition, the laccase enzyme realigns damaged disulphide bridges, strengthening the hair fibres.
  3. Complex of   Soy phospholipid Liposomes:: these are a lecithin carrier (with emollient and moisturizing action). They improve keratin’s substantiality and strengthen the action of the restructuring ingredients in the formula (Keratin-Bamboo-Laccase) and (Wheat and Soy Amino Acids).
  4. Complex of   soy and wheat amino acids: these have high concentrations of cysteine and
    lysine, comparable to the hair’s natural keratin structure. The complex has restorative properties that strengthen the hair fibres.
  5. Copolymer made up of   plant proteins,   capable of penetrating inside the hair fibres and
    creating a protective film on the surface of each cuticle. Thanks to its mechanism of action, the hair fibres are made more robust and more resistant to breakage together with being protected from heat and the elements.
  6. Sichuan peppercorn extract, from a plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its soothing properties.

All hair types and all technical services done in the salon.


To be used according to the   treatment, together with   BOND MAGNIFIER N° 2   and   BOND KEEPER N° 3.

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