Choosing the Right Blonde Haircare: A Guide through the milk_shake range

by charlene newman

Being blonde presents unique challenges, whether natural or from a bottle. Environmental factors and chemical processes can lead to unwanted undertones and weakened hair. milk_shake have tailored a range of blonde hair care products to tackle these issues, providing shine, health, and beauty.

Sam's Hair and Beauty - Milk shake Silver shine collection

The Silver Shine Family: Banishing Brassiness The Silver Shine line consists of shampoo, conditioner, and a no-rinse foam. Formulated with purple tint, it neutralizes yellow tones in blonde, lightened, and grey hair. This SLES-free shampoo and paraben-free conditioner contain organic berry extracts and milk proteins for lustrous, soft, and healthy hair. Added antioxidants protect color, with a delightful berry-floral-musk scent.

Silver Shine Light: Delicate Brilliance For very light, white, and gray hair, Silver Shine Light offers 50% less pigment than the original. It delicately counters subtle yellow tones, leaving hair soft, healthy, and fragrant. Enriched with our patented integrity 41® complex, it enhances strength and vitality.

Say Hello to Icy Blonde Hair – milkshakehair


Icy Blond: Fighting Brass with Power Icy Blond shampoo and conditioner, the newest brass-fighting duo, tackle brassy undertones while adding a cool-ash tone. Designed for very light to platinum blondes, metallic greys, and silver-toned hair, these products deposit dramatic black pigment to halt brassiness. They're potent enough to supplement salon blonding services.

When to Use Each Product?

  • Silver Shine: Ideal for natural or chemically lightened light blondes, grey, or white hair, to neutralize yellow undertones and maintain a brass-free effect.
  • Icy Blond: Perfect for chemically lightened, very light blondes, platinum hair, and cool ash-toned blondes. Enhances cool tones and can create a silver effect on very light hair.

Embrace Your Radiance All blondes deserve radiant hair, free from unwanted brassiness. With milk_shake's care products, you can achieve and maintain your perfect blonde, no matter the shade.


All products available online, instore in Longford & Cavan and from you local milk_shake salon. For more information you can call us on 0433349591.